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Stopwatch SW-500

Stopwatch SW-500

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The Mad Wave STOPWATCH SW-500 is a digital stopwatch with memory and run/frequency measurement functions. The stopwatch will withstand accidental contact with water, such as raindrops, but is not designed to operate in water. do not press buttons if the stopwatch case is wet. The stopwatch can measure up to 10 hours in 1/100 second. Up to 100/500 split times and lap times can be measured. Large size three row billboard. The accumulated elapsed time/current lap time, split time and lap time are displayed at the same time in separate lines, and they can be measured successively without releasing the split or lap time measurement. Up to 100/500 cabin measurements should be stored in memory, and they can be recalled after measurement. Includes calendar, watch. CR2032 lithium battery. Water resistance - 3 bars. Do not use underwater.


100% plastic

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