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Short resistance bands

Short resistance bands

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The Short Resistance Bands Set was designed for effective fitness training. By using mini bands in your regular workout, you can build strength and endurance, and target any part of the body without putting extra strain on the joints.
Mini bands have different resistance levels. You can easily adjust the intensity of the exercises by changing the bands and the range of your movements. For higher loads you can put one strip on top of the other.
The short resistance band set is lightweight and easy to carry. Use it at home or take it on a business trip.

The set includes:
25cmx5cmx0.3mm, yellow, 4-15lb 1.8-6.8 kg
25cmx5cmx0.5mm, green, 7-27lb 3.2-12.3 kg
25cmx5cmx0.7mm, red, 9-34lb 4.1-15.5 kg
25cmx5cmx0.9mm, blue, 12-45lb 5.5-20.5 kg
25cmx5cmx1.1mm, black, 18-71lb 8.2-32.3 kg


100% latex

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