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The enhanced hydrodynamic properties and low profile design of the Streamline goggles ensure maximum sliding efficiency in the water with minimal resistance. The goggles are fitted with a double strap and low profile face seal that ensures their security by staying in place while diving. The lenses have a special anti-fog coating and UV protection. 3 interchangeable nose bridges are closed. Mad Wave offers lenses with a wide diopter range (from -1.0 to -9.0). Lenses are supplied separately.

Features :
  • Adjustable nose bridge - glasses are compatible with any face shape;
  • Low profile seal - prevents leaks and ensures safety;
  • UV protection - protection against ultraviolet rays;
  • Anti-fog coating - ensures clear vision and excellent swimming after swimming;
  • World Aquatics Approved - the item is certified by the International Swimming Federation, World Aquatics .


nose bridge (pu 100%), gasket (silicone 100%), strap (silicone 100%), lenses (polycarbonate 100%), clip (polycarbonate 100%)

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