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The new Mad Wave shaker makes it easier for athletes and swimmers to carry and mix all the supplements needed for protein cocktails, protein mixes or gainers!
For added convenience, the Mad Wave SHAKER has three independent containers: the main 400 ml compartment is designed to prepare and transport ready-made cocktails or plain water, while the two smaller containers which screw on the base of the first are ideal for storing an extra portion of any product in the form of powder and/or capsules with tablets.
In the development of the shaker, only environmentally friendly plastic was used, which has no specific odor and does not change the taste of the products stored in the shaker.
The airtight construction completely eliminates any potential leaks, and the shaker, filled with cocktails and mixes, can be confidently placed in a gym bag or backpack for workouts!


polyethylene, polypropylene

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