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Forceshell men jammer

Forceshell men jammer

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Mad Wave has created a new series of FORCESHELL racing suits that meets the highest demands in professional swimming. The FORCESHELL racing suit is designed using an innovative fabric, which features the strongest possible compression and hydrophobic characteristics, provided by reinforced polyester mesh and MW Lotus Fabric technology. FINA approved.

Features :
  • Ultra-strong bonded seams - double-sided bonding technology on the seams increases the durability of the suit by more than 2 times;
  • High compression level - ideal for overcoming sprinter distances;
  • MW Lotus Fabric Technology - the fabric surface absorbs almost no moisture;
  • The mesh structure of the fabric using reinforced polyester fibers - provides uniform compression without weighing down the fabric;
  • Glued seams - provides the best glide in the water;
  • Silicone seals above the knee - provide an ideal fit for the costume;
  • FINA Approved - item is certified by the FINA International Swimming Federation.


polyamide 56%, elastane 44%


65 70 75 80
hip circumference 76-81 82-87 88-93 94-99 100-105 106-111
lower the waist by 6 cm 68-72 73-77 78-82 83-89 90-96 97-103
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