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Made Wave

Multi-set dry workout

Multi-set dry workout

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The Mad Wave DRY TRAINING MULTI Set is an ultimate suspension trainer set that can be a feasible alternative to traditional weightlifting or swing kettlebells. The set was designed to improve the body's strength, endurance, stability and flexibility.
The set includes three trainers with different resistance levels - 1.4 kg, 3.6 kg and 5.9 kg. By using and combining these trainers, you can adjust the level of muscle load and intensity of your training to achieve the best results. The cords are made of high quality latex, which stretches evenly and achieves the perfect biomechanics of each exercise. The door anchor allows you to train at home without using a horizontal bar and other sports equipment.
The DRY TRAINING MULTI set includes two handles, three resistance cords, two ankle straps, a door anchor and padding.


100% latex

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