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Textile hip band

Textile hip band

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Resistance and color


Textile hip bands were designed to strengthen your lower body. Made of high quality elastic fabric, which ensures gentle stretching and smooth muscle tension. Internal grip bands inside the bands keep them in place during each exercise. The bands do not reduce its elasticity even after repeated use to ensure maximum durability over time.
The fabric resistance bands come in three different resistance levels - light, medium and hard. The following color codes are used to indicate the resistance level.
Choose a band based on your level and your goal. It is recommended to start your workout with light resistance. That you can gradually increase the intensity of your workout as your muscles adapt. Each group comes in a box.
Green color. Coach difficulty level: light. Resistance: 6-11 kg.
Grey color. Coach difficulty level: medium. Resistance: 11-15 kg
Black color. Coach difficulty level: difficult. Resistance: 15-22 kg.


polyester, cotton

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