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Backpack Lane Tyvek

Backpack Lane Tyvek

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Backpack Lane Tyvek is the ideal companion for those involved in swimming. Innovative technologies, stylish design and functionality make it an essential accessory for any athlete.

The backpack is made from the advanced Tyvek membrane material. This tactile material, resembling crumpled paper, is made from bundles of dense, spider-web-shaped polyethylene. The material effectively repels water while allowing steam to pass through, preventing condensation inside the backpack. Tyvek backpacks are lightweight, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. Easy to clean and quick to dry, they are the perfect solution for athletes.

A multifunctional front pocket with several compartments allows you to pack things with maximum convenience, and a spacious and ventilated rear pocket with a special compartment for laptops (up to 13") allows you to bring even a large equipment with you. The fixing straps on the chest and waist allow you to reduce the load on your back and feel comfortable, while preventing the straps from slipping.

Exterior elastic mesh side pockets provide quick access to water bottles or other things you need to grab quickly. The side strap allows you to secure things securely, like the PRO SNORKEL, by placing the bottom of the snorkel in the bottle pocket.

The multifunctional carabiner allows you to easily hang your bag on hangers. The Lane backpack is equipped with a special pocket for electronic devices, as well as a large ventilated compartment for up to 2 pairs of shoes.

Features :
  • Multifunctional front pocket - allows you to pack things with maximum convenience, contains 4 separate interior compartments for glasses, textiles and even small items such as paddles;
  • Ventilated rear pocket - allows you to bring even large items with you. Mesh inserts provide ventilation and control humidity levels;
  • Electronics compartment - allows you to safely place your phone, MP3 player or other devices in your backpack;
  • Shoe compartment - in the ventilated lower compartment of the Lane backpack you can place up to 2 pairs of shoes or even a pair of short training fins;
  • Carabiner - the multifunctional carabiner allows you to easily hang your bag on hangers.


upper (polyester 15%, tyvek 85%), lining (polyester 100%)

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