• Mifare® Classic 1K technology
  • Data storage card


card size 86 x 54mm
Thickness 0.76mm
Color White
Type of product Cards
Technology RFID MIFARE® Classic


These cards contain a Mifare ® Classic chip that will allow you to store your information.

What is Mifare® technology?

Mifare ® technology is a contactless RFID technology that allows the card to contain a large amount of information. This technology is the most widespread and widely used in access control, transport and loyalty systems.

Mifare ® Classic RFID smart cards have a storage capacity of 1K and operate on the 13.56MHz frequency.

CR80 size

These cards conform to ISO CR80-7810: 85.6 x 54mm (standard credit card size), but are slightly thicker than standard CR80s (0.76mm).

How to protect them?

It is a question of paying particular attention to the way in which you will store your magnetic cards in order to best preserve their properties. We recommend that you:

  • Store them away from dust and direct sunlight, humidity and high temperatures.
  • Do not place them next to solvents or other chemicals.